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 “Boomerang” Summer Camp


Fishy river Balykty!


Situated on the bank of the Balykty River, the summer camp rests on
2 hectares of private land 4 kilometers from the village of Koktobe
and 25 kilometers east of Taldykorgan. 

Fed by crystal-clear springs, the river provides invigorating  coolness
during the sultry summer clime, giving participants the opportunity
for fun swimming and unforgettable fishing. 

The location of the camp was chosen with safety uppermost in mind,
so that mud flows, landslides, earthquakes or floods are not to be

The camp offers everything necessary for successful studies and
fun activities: a place for studying and entertainment, double-layer
four-person tents
with built-in beds and comfortable foam
mattresses, a medical tent, kitchen and canteen, a natural pool with
flowing water, basketball and volleyball courts, hot-water showers
and flush toilets.

Drinking and washing water comes from a specially-designed  
spring-fed plumbing system. Electricity is supplied by our own
generator for 2 hours in the morning before breakfast and 4 hours
in the evening till bedtime.
 Life in the camp, from waking till bedtime,
follows a daily schedule, which is a combination of regular and
one-off activities.

It is mandatory for every participant of the program to adhere
to the daily schedule!

Swimming pool

Participants` tent

We can be found:
On the map, on our Facebook page, or at the address:
Boomerang Training Centre LLP, 102 Birzhan Sal St., Box 18, 
Taldykorgan,  Almaty Region, Kazakhstan 040000
Contact information:
phone numbers: +7 728 246 906; +7 777 598 15 06;
fax: +7 728 227 12 34