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 Program management


Stephen from Ireland

Jay from Canada

General management and coordination of all activities in preparation

for the “English in Nature” program is conducted by the staff of the

Boomerang Training Center.


On-site management, scheduling, classes and entertaining activities

are conducted by local instructors and foreign teachers, who bring

their knowledge, experience and cultural uniqueness to the program.


In the 15 years of the camp’s existence, we have had guests from

Australia, Belgium, Great Britain, India, Canada, Nigeria, the USA,

Switzerland, Sweden and South Africa.


The daily life of the camp is supported by our staff, consisting of 

a camp head, his assistant,  a cook, a nurse and a security specialist.


The camp head and his assistant are responsible for the camp

infrastructure (plumbing, electricity, gas), the upkeep  of the tents,

showers and toilets, as well as the cleanliness and protection of the

camp territory.


It is the duty of the cook to prepare a variety of tasty meals on the

basis of a balanced and safe diet according to government



The nurse is personally responsible for the health of program

participants and also provides first aid when necessary, in addition

to  monitoring the sanitary condition of the kitchen and the

cleanliness of public spaces.

Sven from the USA

Igor from Kazakhstan

Staff vacancies
for the “Boomerang” Summer Camp for the
summer of 2013
We are seeking enthusiastic, responsible individuals without
bad habits who enjoy an active lifestyle and can be
in the camp for 2-3 weeks.