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Program participants can be citizens 16 years of age or older from
any country.  They should have an Intermediate level of English,
love the English language and nature, don’t mind living in camping
conditions, and are motivated to become more independent and

Each participant must have a certificate confirming his/her English
level, a medical certificate (form 079) attesting to his/her good
health, a paid voucher for the camp,  and the stipulated necessities.
(see list)  

To participate in the program it is necessary to complete and send a
registration form to the program organizers by e-mail or fax, to pay
for participation in the program and arrive no later than 9:30 a.m.
on the day of the session at the Boomerang Training Center office
in Taldykorgan, 102 Birzhan Sal St. 

On arrival each participant should have a copy of their ID,
a completed and signed agreement statement, the completed medical
certificate and the necessities stipulated in the attached list.

It is forbidden to bring and use drugs and narcotics, alcohol and
cigarettes, or any pornographic material.

More information and FAQ ‘s can be found on our website!


Participants from the USA

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Summer 2013
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