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                                     “English in Nature”


English classes

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This program, based on the idea of teaching children English
in a wilderness camp with the help of native speakers,
was established in 1997 in consultation with the
adventure tourism expert Ernest Enslow, a member of
The program was subsequently approved by ACCELS in 1998.

During the 2-week program, the first half of the day is devoted
to intensive English classes conducted by native- speaking
teachers. During English classes, program participants improve
their pronunciation, speak and listen, write and think,
and practice their English through discussions,
debates and competitions.

The aim of the foreign teachers  is to introduce children to real
spoken English and their countries’ customs and traditions,
education system, scholarship programs and  possibilities of
studying abroad.  Participants are taught to write essays, to pass
interviews, and to prepare for  the 
TOEFL and IELTS exams.

The second half of the day is filled with hiking and competitions,
dancing, shows, and performances which are also conducted in
English. Team sports, relay races, shows and competitions, rock
climbing and  treasure hunts, bonfires, discos – there is much
on offer for program participants.

It is impossible to learn English in two weeks' time but it is possible
to improve your English skills, to acquire useful life skills,
to make new friends, to become more independent, and to learn to
live and understand each other in a multilingual and multinational
society. These goals are within the powers of each and
every program participant.

At the lesson

Neptune`s day

Sessions for  summer 2013:

Applications accepted from 1 March to 29 June 2013
First session – from 29 June to 13 July
Second session – from 13 July to 27 July

Third session – from 27 July to 10 August